We don’t love the rebrand.

There is a lot to critique with the new “We ❤️ NYC” campaign mark. The sans-serif typeface and neumorphic treatment of the heart make it more contemporary, like a text message. In other words, more ordinary and less distinctive, which is not usually the objective branding practitioners aspire to achieve.

But the most egregious error committed by the Partnership for New York City is to mess with people’s memories. Like my memories of my first trip to New York City years ago, where I bought the iconic coffee mug pictured here. It has a big chip on the side because I’ve used it for 16 years. I’m reminded of that Manhattan hustle bustle, the clanks and screeches of the subway, and a sense of adventure and optimism.

Why would you want to tamper with such a strong emotional bond? Not just with New Yorkers (who don’t seem to like it), but with millions of people around the world who’ve bought coffee mugs,
t-shirts, snow globes, and all manner of schwag from Times Square shops and kiosks in LaGuardia to remember their trip. #BrandFail